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This is also a photo blog, so I hope you like the candid photos I have taken from different places!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puerto Galera Fire Dance

Just like Boracay, White Beach Puerto Galera also boasts of capable fire dancers that excites beach party goers.

I took some opportunity of grabbing my camera and taking photos of these talented dancers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Puerto Galera Weekend (November 2009)

An unplanned trip to Puerto Galera with my colleagues went really well. It was a nice weather, not-too-many people season, and great bargains. I also had an opportunity to still meet with my masahista "Rosalinda" who gave me that beach massage two years ago - he still remembers me. More pictures to come.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Reminiscing

Last weekend, we spent time in our Lolo's estate in Alitagtag and is nice to see how beautiful the countryside is. My Lolo's brother (who passed away) left his house at the ridge of Taal uninhabited for the longest time and it's so sad the nobody was there to maintain it.

Me and my friends visited the same place a year ago and it's just amazing how time flies by and how many has happened during a single year

The first set of pictures were taken last year...

Zar - amazed with the view of Taal Lake

Me and my Cousins


Me and my Lipa friends

This next series were taken this year

Todos Los Santos - Uniquely Filipino Holiday

Todos Los Santos is a very unique Filipino Holiday. We honor and remember our dead and consider them as saints, thus the uncommon visit to them on November 1 (Instead of November 2, which is All Souls Day).

It is also a good time to reunite with relatives in the cemetery. This goes to show how we really value our family and the closeness and togerthness that we all have with each other.

The shots below were taken at Alitagtag Cemetery in Batangas. I could've picked Manila Memorial where my Lolo (Father's side) was buried, but opted to choose this location since you get the feel the way the province celebrates this holiday.