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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hong Kong and Macau 2011 - Through the GE X5

Hong Kong has been always my favorite near-out-of-the-country destination when I have long weekends. But this has been my first time to travel alone. As a privy commuter in Hong Kong, I was already fairly familiar with the streets and with the place, so for the most part I just relaxed in my hotel room. But it was also a good opportunity for me to cross the Pearl Delta and visit Macau.

Macau is about 45 minutes away via ferry. You can ride a Ferry via two major terminals in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong - China Ferry Terminal have regular trips to Macau. The usual price would cost HK$170. Once in Macau, you'll get to see historical sites, and ultra-complex Casinos!

It was definitely worth the visit. Here are some photos I have taken in Macau and in Hong Kong using GE X5


Hong Kong