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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boracay Through GE X5

12/06/10 Blog has been added with new pictures

This is my second time in Boracay this year, and the first time I brought my GE x5 and test it's full capability. At most, it did impress me as it is the most compact budget bridge camera that acts and looks like a DSLR. I did take a couple of Panorama shots and the best one is on the set below. The camera was also able to capture great sunset pictures.

I also took the liberty of taking some video clips. I have yet to edit them and publish a small MTV as a sample of the videos being taken by GE x5. I do hope you enjoy the pics below.

Below is also a sample video I have made using GE x5, with the exception of some underwater shots taken from a different camera.

Below are additional pictures that were taken using GE X5 during my third trip this year in Boracay.