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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taipei Video shot through GE X5

Here are some video clips that I have compiled during my trip in Taipei last October, 2010. I used GE X5 video recording and the clips were really great.


  1. hello there!
    i am not good in cameras..but i need one as a course requirement because we are going to shoot videos..so i bought x5 yesterday. my problem is, when i set the x5 into video mode, yes it will take a video, BUT IT WILL VIDEO FOR JUST 10seconds ONLY AND IT WILL STOP..and the menus/keys will not function anymore...so for three times i will just remove batteries and start again.. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?? I'LL WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. Are you getting an error when you take a video? This may be caused of the type of memory card you are using. I would recommend high grade mem cards suitable for video recording. I tried this and I never got an error.

  3. I have the same problem. What type of mem cards should I buy?

  4. You should buy decent high speed ones like Kingston. It may be a bit expensive because of its high speed capability to save videos.

  5. The video files produced in GE x500 are .mov , and I cannot open the videos in my computer. What I do is just convert it to .avi or any other compatible video files. Did you convert it to .avi file? And if yes, what video converter are you using?

  6. You may want to download VLC player if you don't want to convert files. But if you do, you can download Xilisoft.