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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Singapore Part 2 - A Photo-walk Through GE X500

2nd Trip to Singapore - Photowalk using GE X500

Like Hong Kong, Singapore is now a very common regional tourist attraction for Filipinos. With it's clean streets, safe surroundings and great man-made attractions, Singapore is definitely one of the favorite places we go to.

I had a chance to visit Singapore again, exactly one year since my last trip and this time I have opted to spend 5 days, which means I had more opportunity roaming around and taking more photos.

Of course, since I was already here, I might as well drop by Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studios AGAIN. This time I was able to go to the Skypark at High Noon, and was able to check out the newly opened Transformers ride in USS.

This was actually my first time to see Fullerton One and the infamour Merlion of Singapore. Why did I not check it out during my first visit? I don't know :). I was there at night, which makes a good chance for me to take some night photos. This is the first time I am using GE X500 to take some nice landscape photos at night at the results did not disappoint. Some of the settings would vary, but mostly I used the default Scene [SCN] Option and selected Night Landscape.

I also visited some museums. One in particular was the Asian Civilizations Museum. Good thing is they allow cameras and we could take photos without flash with most of the artifacts. But the challenge is, just like any other museums, would be the low light conditions. For the photos below, I turned on the macro mode and just selected the "Full Auto Mode". Some of the results were a bit yellowish, but mostly because of the spotlights illuminating the artifacts, but with a little post production, I was able to at least enhance the natural colors of these artifacts.

Here are some day shots of Marina Bay Sands, and the famour Camaro-Bumblebee model seen in Universal Studios. For them, I used the "Full Auto Mode".

The last photo was not taken by an SLR, nor by GE X500. I also brought, during my trip, my old Polaroid Digital Camera i531. I saw the settings, and it has a Night Mode, so I decided to use my tripod and to my surprise it actually processed a good photo!!!

Overall my 2nd trip to Singapore was fun. Please watch out for my follow-up blog as it relates to some tips going around Singapore.

Here is a video montage I made summarizing my 2nd trip to Singapore.

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