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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ipad 1 on Sale in the Philippines after Ipad 2 Announcement

(This was my first blog entry typed using Ipad)

Almost a year ago, one revolutionary device was announced by Apple, they changed mobile computing. They have reinvented a lot of devices from portable music player (Ipod) to mobile phone (Iphone). After announcing Ipad, then followed an onslought of similar devices mainly backed up by Android OS. The generation of tablets has started and whatever Apple-haters say, they have defined this category and this is the reason why they have 90% of the market share at the time of this writing.

Having said that, the entry level Ipad 16GB wifi did cost $499.00 in the US which is officially priced at Php23990.00. Although for Apple standards, the price is one of the cheapest, but of course its still expensive for a normal Pinoy, since other competing products provide cheaper alternatives - netbooks, Cherry Superion. And of course there are those ridiculous resellers at Ebay.com and Sulit.com selling he entry level Ipad 16GB at around Php27000 and above. And because of this, I decided not buy Ipad and just settled on getting an Iphone 4 and Iphone 3GS through my Globe Rewards Program.

And then there was the much awaited announcement of Ipad 2 a few weeks ago. This was an answer to other competing Android Tablets and an army of which arriving towards the end of the year. Ipad 2's entry level price was announced at $499. And then, I thought, knowing Apple's pricing pattern I assumed the Ipad 1's price was adjusted. And I was correct!!! The Ipad 1's price in the App Online Store was adjusted to $399 for the 16GB and the official price in the Philippines was adjusted to $19990. That's a Php4000 drop!!!

And so my interest in buying an Ipad was again renewed. Should I buy Ipad 2 - dual cameras, faster processor and thinner profile? Or should I buy, the now cheaper Ipad 1? I actually considered a lot of things. For one, I actually don't need the cameras since I already have that on my Iphone 4. A faster processir will help, but upon playing with Ipad 1 at one of the Mac Reseller Stores in Mall of Asia, I think Ipad 1 was still fast and responsive. And so I made a decision to buy the entry level Ipad for Php19,990.00

I would say it's worth the purchase. I am now using this to track my projects at work. I am now practically paperless at work from taking down notes and minutes of the meeting to planning my meetings and conference calls. This gadget was also a good companion to keep me entertained and informed with tons of games and apps. Plus the sync of both my Iphones and Ipad make it all the more interesting. Of course, I don't intend to jailbreak them.

Oh, and after the price adjustment, some resellers online still sell the Ipad 1 at Php27000 and above so be warned. If you are interested in buying the now cheaper Ipad 1, just go to Mac/Apple Reseller Store in ang of our Malls here in Manila. The Ipad 1 is still a competitive device and is still a looker so I won't consider it dated yet.