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Sunday, July 25, 2010

GE X5 Camera Review and Sample Shots

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After using Canon 1000d for almost a year, I finally decided that I really do not need an SLR especially when I travel. The reason is that when I travel I end up wasting 1 hand carry luggage just for bringing the SLR gear in a bag. After a couple of contemplations, I decided to switch over to a bridge camera. The next problem is, what bridge camera to decide. There are tons of bridge cameras out there, with besting features such a telephoto zoom lenses etc. But what's striking is also their tag prices. A bridge camera like Fuji HS10 or Lumix LX3 would range mid Php25,000 - and that's already bordering a the entry level SLR.

And then I saw one the shelf of a store a nice looking thing called GE x5 Bridge Camera. Although unfamiliar brand, I do know GE makes durable refs so most probably they also build durable Bridge Cameras. Another striking feature is that the body looks like a small SLR. For those advanced users, it also has that Manual Mode which I do need when I travel. And the best part is its price, and almost half of it competitors and offers much more!

The package that I bought includes a strap, batteriers and a charger, 4Gig memory card and a Motorola Rokr Phone (not sure why they included it there).

Of course I have to test it immediately. Surprisingly its shutter speed (manual) ranges from 30 seconds to 1/2000 second - even better than Powershot G10 with the slowest shutter speed of 15 seconds. What does that mean? Well, you can just take fantastic night shots, which I will try to post later.

Below are sample of night shots taken from MOA

Overall, I would recommend this for hobbyist in photography, that does have a hard time carrying a couple of lenses and then carrying a bag. The GE X5 does well as a bridge camera that does act out basic SLR features.

Here are some down-sized photos highlighting the focusing capability of GE X5.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A weekend at Hong Kong (3rd Visit)

Visiting Hong Kong always brings excitement to my senses, even if this was already my third time to do so. The good thing about this trip and now, I have my SLR to capture the lights, the people and the culture of Hong Kong...