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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wet Sunday Dinner

Sunday 7.26.09
7:00 PM

An unplanned Sunday afternoon brought me to my best friend's condo to chill and drink a couple of bottles of GSM Premium. After a a few bottles and tons of topics to talk about, we decided to eat outside for dinner.

Zar and his wife Star, recommended that we eat at Road House in El Pueblo, Ortigas.

This cozy litlle restaurant is home to famous grills, drinks and great customer service. The first thing that you would notice is their friendly hospitality. Being a Call Center Supervisor, this type of service is top-notch. In every restaurant I dine with, if there's Salisbury Steak, that's the one I immediately order.

Their patty was well cooked and the mushroom gravy added flavor as well. It was a notch higher than what I ate in Chilis and yet more reasonable.

My friend also ordered "Silver Star" which was the restaurant's home grown Martini and it was a too much at first, but once to start sipping it, t'was actually good.
So kahit na malakas ang ulan nung Sunday, at least we made the most out of it.

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