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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend in Taipei, Taiwan

This was my first time to travel alone and discover a new place. I went to Taipei, Taiwan last October 23 with one thing in mind, to see Taipei 101. But I got more than what I had wished for. I get to experience the culture, more sites and of course new friends.

I arrived at the Tuoyan International Airport pass midnight. At the arrival area, shops were already closed and there was a couple of bus company's offering last trip to Taipei Main Station. With very very limited ability to understand Chinese, I had a hard time asking folks how much and what bus number I should take, but luckily to old Filipino-Chinese couple helped me find my way through the bus ticketing lane.

When I rode a bus, I also met another person who is Filipino-Chinese who had work there in Taipei, but has a family in the Philippines and he helped me find my hotel near Taipei Main Station. We were able to find my hotel: Chair-Man Hotel.

The next day, after eating the breakfast provided by the hotel, I walked until I reach the Taipei Main Station and alighted the CKS Station for my first stop - CKS Memorial Hall.

It was a very big complex, and on a weekend there were a lot of teenagers practicing dance routines doing group projects in the park, which is not a common thing here in Manila. The complex is free and you can visit the three main buildings of the complex.

Later that day, I of course went to Taipei 101. They had an entrance fee of around NTD90 to reach the observation deck on the 89th floor.

Taipei 101

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


  1. Sir, how much was your trip expenses all-in-all? Can you share your itinerary? Thanks


  2. Wait for Cebu Pac's sale. I bought my roundtrip ticket for 1800.

    Then book for a hotel. i booked at Chair Man hotel which is 1200 per night. I boked for 4 nights.

    Then 5000 pocket money would do which would cover the transpo and food expenses.

    Basic itinerary
    - Chiang Kai shek memorial hall
    - Taipei 101
    - Taipei Zoo

  3. One more thing, if you are a US visa card holder no need to apply for a Taiwanese visa