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Monday, May 2, 2011

India Video Montage - Shot Through Iphone 4

Not only am I fond of taking photos of the different places I have been, but I have a new found hobby in editing short clips taken using my Iphone 4. The video below shows different clips around New Delhi and Agra during my trip last April 4. I used the app "Splice" to edit these clips straight on my Iphone.

From the Philippines, there is now a direct flight Manila-Delhi via Philippine Airlines. Also, India just recently announced, that for Filipinos wanting to visit India as tourists for less than 30 days, they now have "visa-on-arrival" in India's international hubs like Delhi Internatinal Airport, which means that you don't need to go to Indian Embassy in Makati to have a tourist visa stamped on your passport. :)

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